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15-Mar-2021Associations between preoperative anaemia and hospital costs following major abdominal surgery: cohort study.Meyerov, J; Louis, Maleck ; Lee, D K; Fletcher, L; Banyasz, D; Miles, Lachlan F ; Ma, Ronald ; Tosif, Shervin ; Koshy, Anoop N ; Story, David A ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Weinberg, Laurence 
2Oct-2020Mediators of the Impact of Hourly Net Ultrafiltration Rate on Mortality in Critically Ill Patients Receiving Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy.Naorungroj, Thummaporn ; Serpa Neto, Ary ; Zwakman-Hessels, Lara; Fumitaka, Yanase ; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Murugan, Raghavan; Kellum, John A; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
311-Sep-2020Integration of Inpatient and Residential Care In-Reach Service Model and Hospital Resource Utilization: A Retrospective Audit.Kwa, Jie-Min; Storer, Megan ; Ma, Ronald ; Yates, Paul A 
4Jan-2020Characteristics and outcomes of Rapid Response Team activations for hypotension in orthopaedic patients.Ramos, João Gabriel Rosa; Zhang, Richard; Maher, Brendan; Hardidge, Andrew; Weinberg, Laurence ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Peyton, Phillip J; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Jones, Daryl A 
5Dec-2019Patient characteristics, ICU-specific supports, complications, and outcomes of persistent critical illness.Jeffcote, Toby; Foong, Monica; Gold, Grace ; Glassford, Neil; Robbins, Raymond J ; Iwashyna, Theodore J; Darvall, Jai; Bagshaw, Sean M; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
6Nov-2019Initial Experience of the Use of 3-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate and Thromboembolic Complications After Cardiac Surgery.Zweng, India; Galvin, Sean; Robbins, Raymond J ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Hart, Graeme K ; Seevanayagam, Siven ; Matalanis, George 
722-Oct-2019Diabetes and higher HbA1c levels are independently associated with adverse renal outcomes in inpatients following multiple hospital admissions.Torkamani, Niloufar ; Churilov, Leonid ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Jerums, George ; Beik, V; Radcliffe, N ; Patterson, S ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Burns, James D; Hart, Graeme K ; Lam, Que T ; Power, David A ; MacIsaac, Richard J; Johnson, D F; Zajac, Jeffrey; Ekinci, Elif I 
8Aug-2019Prevalence of pre-existing dysglycaemia among inpatients with acute coronary syndrome and associations with outcomes.Mahendran, Dinesh C; Hamilton, Garry; Weiss, Jeremy ; Churilov, Leonid ; Lew, Jeremy F ; Khoo, Kaylyn; Lam, Que T ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Hart, Graeme K ; Johnson, Douglas; Hare, David L ; Farouque, Omar ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Ekinci, Elif I 
92019Differential Clinical Characteristics, Management, and Outcome of Delirium among Ward Compared with ICU Patients.Canet, Emmanuel; Amjad, Sobia; Robbins, Raymond J ; Lewis, Jane; Matalanis, Michelle; Jones, Daryl A ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
1010-Sep-2018Routine use of HbA1c amongst inpatients hospitalised with decompensated heart failure and the association of dysglycaemia with outcomes.Khoo, Kaylyn; Lew, Jeremy F ; Neef, Pieter A ; Kearney, Leighton G ; Churilov, Leonid ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Tan, Alanna ; Hachem, M; Owen-Jones, L; Lam, Que T ; Hart, Alanna; Wilson, A ; Sumithran, Priya ; Johnson, Douglas F; Srivastava, Piyush M ; Farouque, Omar ; Burrell, Louise M ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Ekinci, Elif I 
1118-Aug-2018Using routine HbA1c measurements in stroke and the associations of dysglycaemia with stroke outcomes.Lew, Jeremy F ; Thijs, Vincent N ; Churilov, Leonid ; Donnan, Geoffrey; Park, Warwick ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Hart, Graeme K ; Bladin, Christopher; Khoo, Kaylyn; Lau, Lik-Hui; Tan, Alanna ; Lam, Que T ; Johnson, Douglas F; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Ekinci, Elif I 
12Jun-2018The Presence of Diabetes and Higher HbA1cAre Independently Associated With Adverse Outcomes After Surgery.Yong, Priscilla H; Weinberg, Laurence ; Torkamani, Niloufar ; Churilov, Leonid ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Ma, Ronald ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Lam, Que T ; Burns, James D; Hart, Graeme K ; Lew, Jeremy F ; Mårtensson, Johan; Story, David A ; Motley, Andrew N ; Johnson, Douglas F; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Ekinci, Elif I 
13Jun-2018Impact of unit-wide chlorhexidine bathing in intensive care on bloodstream infection and drug-resistant organism acquisition.Urbancic, Karen F ; Mårtensson, Johan; Glassford, Neil J; Eyeington, Christopher; Robbins, Raymond J ; Ward, Peter B; Williams, Darren ; Johnson, Paul D R ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
14May-2018Health economic implications of complications associated with pancreaticoduodenectomy at a University Hospital: a retrospective cohort cost study.Wang, Jason; Ma, Ronald ; Eleftheriou, Paul; Churilov, Leonid ; Debono, David; Robbins, Raymond J ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Christophi, Chris; Weinberg, Laurence 
15Apr-2018Patient characteristics, incidence, technique, outcomes and early prediction of tracheostomy in the state of Victoria, AustraliaCasamento, Andrew ; Bailey, Michael; Robbins, Raymond J ; Pilcher, David; Warrillow, Stephen J ; Ghosh, Angaj; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
16May-2017Epidemiology of long-stay patients in a university teaching hospital.O'Sullivan, Kim; Martensson, Johan; Robbins, Raymond J ; Farley, K J; Johnson, Douglas F; Jones, Daryl A 
1728-Mar-2017Using Routine Hemoglobin A1c Testing to Determine the Glycemic Status in Psychiatric Inpatients.Naidu, Pratyusha; Churilov, Leonid ; Kong, Alvin; Kanaan, Richard A A ; Wong, Henry K; Van Mourik, Arielle; Yao, Anthony ; Cornish, Elizabeth; Hachem, Mariam; Hart, Graeme K ; Owen-Jones, Elizabeth; Robbins, Raymond J ; Lam, Que T ; Samaras, Katherine; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Ekinci, Elif I 
18Feb-2016Epidemiology of early Rapid Response Team activation after Emergency Department admission.Mora, Juan Carlos; Schneider, Antoine G; Robbins, Raymond J ; Bailey, Michael; Bebee, Bronwyn ; Hsiao, Yu-Feng Frank; Considine, Julie; Jones, Daryl A ; Bellomo, Rinaldo