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110-Feb-2021The IHC4+C score: an affordable and reproducible non-molecular decision-aid in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Does it still hold value for patients in 2020?Harel, Nadav; Cheema, Steven; Williams, David S ; Ireland-Jenkin, Kerryn ; Fancourt, Tineke; Dodson, Andrew; Yeo, Belinda 
224-Dec-2020Systematic Quantification of Histological Ventricular Fibrosis in Isolated Mitral Valve Prolapse and Sudden Cardiac Death.Han, Hui-Chen ; Parsons, Sarah A; Curl, Claire L; Teh, Andrew W ; Raaijmakers, Antonia J A; Koshy, Anoop N ; Leong, Trishe; Burrell, Louise M ; O'Donnell, David ; Vohra, Jitendra K; Kalman, Jonathan M; Sanders, Prashanthan; Hare, David L ; Farouque, Omar ; Delbridge, Lea M D; Lim, Han S 
32-Dec-2020Severe Fibrous Dysplasia in McCune-Albright Syndrome: A Need for Continuous Surveillance.Grob, Francisca; Clark, Jonathan ; Zacharin, Margaret
429-Sep-2020Primary intradural Hodgkin lymphoma of the conus medullaris and cauda equina: case report.Williamson, Timothy J ; Wang, Michael T ; Clark, Jonathan CM ; Williams, Julia; Drnda, Armin
51-Sep-2020Evaluation of Combination Nivolumab and Ipilimumab Immunotherapy in Patients With Advanced Biliary Tract Cancers: Subgroup Analysis of a Phase 2 Nonrandomized Clinical Trial.Klein, Oliver ; Kee, Damien ; Nagrial, Adnan; Markman, Ben; Underhill, Craig; Michael, Michael; Jackett, Louise A ; Lum, Caroline; Behren, Andreas; Palmer, Jodie; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Carlino, Matteo S; Cebon, Jonathan S 
6Sep-2020Case of nivolumab-induced sclerosing cholangitis: lessons from long-term follow-up.McClure, Tess ; Cui, Wanyuan; Asadi, Khashayar ; John, Thomas ; Testro, Adam G 
712-Jun-2020Immunotherapy of Ipilimumab and Nivolumab in patients with advanced neuroendocrine tumours: a subgroup analysis of the CA209-538 clinical trial for rare cancers.Klein, Oliver ; Kee, Damien ; Markman, Ben; Michael, Michael; Underhill, Craig R; Carlino, Matteo S; Jackett, Louise A ; Lum, Caroline; Scott, Clare L; Nagrial, Adnan; Behren, Andreas; So, Jane Yeojeong; Palmer, Jodie; Cebon, Jonathan S 
824-May-2020NTRK and ALK rearrangements in malignant pleural mesothelioma, pulmonary neuroendocrine tumours and non-small cell lung cancer.Leal, Jose Luis; Peters, Geoffrey; Szaumkessel, Marcin; Leong, Trishe Y-M; Asadi, Khashayar ; Rivalland, Gareth; Do, Hongdo; Senko, Clare ; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Quing, Chai Zi; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Thapa, Bibhusal ; John, Thomas 
97-Apr-2020Characteristic Histopathological Findings and Cardiac Arrest Rhythm in Isolated Mitral Valve Prolapse and Sudden Cardiac Death.Han, Hui-Chen ; Parsons, Sarah A; Teh, Andrew W ; Sanders, Prashanthan; Neil, Christopher; Leong, Trishe; Koshy, Anoop N ; Vohra, Jitendra K; Kalman, Jonathan M; Smith, Karen; O'Donnell, David ; Hare, David L ; Farouque, Omar ; Lim, Han S 
10Apr-2020Results of a randomized, double-blind phase II clinical trial of NY-ESO-1 vaccine with ISCOMATRIX adjuvant versus ISCOMATRIX alone in participants with high-risk resected melanoma.Cebon, Jonathan S ; Gore, Martin; Thompson, John F; Davis, Ian D; McArthur, Grant A; Walpole, Euan; Smithers, Mark; Cerundolo, Vincenzo; Dunbar, P Rod; MacGregor, Duncan; Fisher, Cyril; Millward, Michael; Nathan, Paul; Findlay, Michael P N; Hersey, Peter; Evans, T R Jeffry; Ottensmeier, Christian Hermann; Marsden, Jeremy; Dalgleish, Angus G; Corrie, Pippa G; Maria, Marples; Brimble, Margaret; Williams, Geoff; Winkler, Sintia; Jackson, Heather M; Endo-Munoz, Liliana; Tutuka, Candani S A; Venhaus, Ralph; Old, Lloyd J; Haack, Dennis; Maraskovsky, Eugene; Behren, Andreas; Chen, Weisan
1131-Mar-2020Ustekinumab is a safe and effective biologic agent for Crohn's disease in a Liver Transplant patient.Peverelle, Matthew R ; Asadi, Khashayar ; De Cruz, Peter P 
121-Mar-2020Inhibition of PAK1 suppresses pancreatic cancer by stimulation of anti-tumour immunity through down-regulation of PD-L1.Wang, Kai; Zhan, Yifan; Huynh, Nhi; Dumesny, Chelsea; Wang, Xiao; Asadi, Khashayer; Herrmann, David; Timpson, Paul; Yang, Yang; Walsh, Katrina; Baldwin, Graham S; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; He, Hong 
1327-Feb-2020Highlighted issues from the second edition RCPA Endometrial Cancer Structured Reporting Protocol.Ireland-Jenkin, Kerryn ; Selinger, Christina; Newman, Marsali
1417-Jan-2020Leiomyoma: a rare cause of small bowel obstruction.Hughes, Jed ; Lee, Adele; Fong, Jonathan; Vazquez, Melisa; Wright, Danette; Bui, Andrew 
15Jan-2020Complement C5a Induces Renal Injury in Diabetic Kidney Disease Via Disruption in Mitochondrial Metabolic Agility.Tan, Sih Min; Ziemann, Mark; Thallas-Bonke, Vicki; Snelson, Matthew; Kumar, Vinod; Laskowski, Adrienne; Nguyen, Tuong-Vi; Huynh, Kevin; Clarke, Michele V; Libianto, Renata; Baker, Scott T ; Skene, Alison ; Power, David A ; MacIsaac, Richard J; Henstridge, Darren C; Wetsel, Rick A; El-Osta, Assam; Meikle, Peter J; Wilson, Scott G; Forbes, Josephine M; Cooper, Mark E; Ekinci, Elif I ; Woodruff, Trent M; Coughlan, Melinda T
16Jan-2020Atypical Sarcoid-like Granulomatous Reactions in Lymphoma: Natural History and Effect on Management.Ramanan, Radha; Fancourt, Tineke; Berlangieri, Salvatore U ; Grigg, Andrew P 
172020The Protective Effect of Zinc Against Liver Ischaemia Reperfusion Injury in a Rat Model of Global Ischaemia.Cheung, Ernest ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Jackett, Louise A ; Bolton, Damien M ; Ischia, Joseph J ; Patel, Oneel
1817-Dec-2019A Review of Key Biological and Molecular Events Underpinning Transformation of Melanocytes to Primary and Metastatic Melanoma.Jackett, Louise A ; Scolyer, Richard A
19Jul-2019The Measurement of Donor-Specific Cell-Free DNA Identifies Recipients With Biopsy-Proven Acute Rejection Requiring Treatment After Liver Transplantation.Goh, Su Kah ; Do, Hongdo; Testro, Adam G ; Pavlovic, Julie ; Vago, Angela ; Lokan, Julie ; Jones, Robert M ; Christophi, Christopher ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
20Jun-2019Imposter mucin: awareness of an important cytology artefact.Vazquez, Melisa; Newman, Marsali