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11-Feb-2021Inducible Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction in Patients Undergoing Liver Transplantation: Prevalence, Predictors, and Association With Cardiovascular Events.Cailes, Benjamin ; Koshy, Anoop N ; Gow, Paul J ; Weinberg, Laurence ; Srivastava, Piyush M ; Testro, Adam G ; Peverelle, Matthew R ; Ko, Jefferson ; Salehi, Hamid ; Jones, Elizabeth F ; Calafiore, Paul ; Farouque, Omar 
218-Jan-2021Incarcerated Intercostal Lung Herniation After Direct Epicardial Lead Placement Via Minimally Invasive Surgery.Meyerov, J; Weinberg, Laurence ; Koshy, Anoop N ; Spanger, M; Mekel, J; Yii, M
316-Jan-2021Relationship between QT-interval prolongation and structural abnormalities in cirrhotic cardiomyopathy: A change in the current paradigm.Koshy, Anoop N ; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Teh, Andrew W ; Ko, Jefferson ; Lim, Han S ; Han, Hui-Chen ; Weinberg, Laurence ; VanWagner, Lisa B; Farouque, Omar 
411-Jan-2021Case reports in the COVID-19 pandemic: first responders to an emergency in evidence-based medicine.Kearsley, R; Daly Guris, R; Miles, Lachlan F ; Shelton, C L
57-Jan-2021The association of acute hypercarbia and plasma potassium concentration during laparoscopic surgery: a retrospective observational study.Weinberg, Laurence ; Lee, Dong-Kyu; Gan, Chrisdan; Ianno, Damian J ; Ho, Alexander; Fletcher, Luke R ; Banyasz, Daniel; Tosif, Shervin ; Jones, Daryl A ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Karalapillai, Dharshi 
66-Jan-2021Effects of a short message service (SMS) by cellular phone to improve compliance with fasting guidelines in patients undergoing elective surgery: a retrospective observational study.Zia, Faizan; Cosic, Luka ; Wong, Angela; Levin, Adam; Lu, Patrick; Mitchell, Craig; Shaw, Michael; Rosewarne, Fred; Weinberg, Laurence 
7Jan-2021Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation and Long-Term Risk of Stroke in Patients Undergoing Liver Transplantation.Koshy, Anoop N ; Enayati, Anees ; Weinberg, Laurence ; Han, Hui-Chen ; Horrigan, Mark ; Gow, Paul J ; Ko, Jefferson ; Thijs, Vincent N ; Testro, Adam G ; Lim, Han S ; Farouque, Omar ; Teh, Andrew W 
824-Dec-2020The epidemiology of Medical Emergency Team calls for orthopedic patients in a teaching hospital: A retrospective cohort study.Zhang, R; Maher, B; Ramos, J R R; Hardidge, Andrew J ; Olenko, L; Weinberg, Laurence ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Churilov, Leonid ; Peyton, Philip J ; Jones, Daryl A 
914-Dec-2020Urine the Right Direction: The Consensus Statement from the Committee on Transplant Anesthesia of the American Society of Anesthesiologists on Fluid Management During Kidney Transplantation.Weinberg, Laurence ; Collins, Michael G; Peyton, Philip J 
104-Dec-2020Impact of an aerosol box on time to tracheal intubation: systematic review and meta-analysis.Lim, Zheng Jie; Ponnapa Reddy, Mallikarjuna; Karalapillai, Dharshi ; Shekar, Kiran; Subramaniam, Ashwin
11Dec-2020Comparison of Thromboelastography and Conventional Coagulation Tests in Patients With Severe Liver Disease.Lloyd-Donald, Patryck ; Vasudevan, Abhinav ; Angus, Peter W ; Gow, Paul J ; MÃ¥rtensson, Johan; Glassford, Neil; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Hart, Graeme K ; Jones, Daryl A ; Weinberg, Laurence ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
1224-Nov-2020COVID-19 Risk in Elective Surgery during a Second Wave: a Prospective Cohort Study.Myles, Paul S; Wallace, Sophie; Story, David A ; Brown, Wendy; Cheng, Allen C; Forbes, Andrew; Sidiropoulos, Sofia ; Davidson, Andrew; Tan, Niki; Jeffreys, Andrew; Hodgson, Russell; Scott, David A; Radnor, Jade
1322-Nov-2020Influence of blood hemoglobin concentration on renal hemodynamics and oxygenation during experimental cardiopulmonary bypass in sheep.Lankadeva, Yugeesh R; May, Clive N; Cochrane, Andrew D; Marino, Bruno; Hood, Sally G; McCall, Peter R ; Okazaki, Nobuki; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Evans, Roger G
1416-Nov-2020Rapid Response: Medical students need experience not just competenceHuang, Andrew 
1511-Nov-2020Prolonged postoperative cerebral oxygen desaturation after cardiac surgery: A prospective observational study.Cioccari, Luca; Bitker, Laurent; Toh, Lisa ; Hacking, Douglas; Cutuli, Salvatore L ; Osawa, Eduardo A; Yanase, Fumitaka ; Naorungroj, Thummaporn ; Luethi, Nora; Michalopoulos, Adrian; Woo, Shanan; Wang, Judy; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Weinberg, Laurence ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
1611-Nov-2020Normative values for SedLine-based processed electroencephalography parameters in awake volunteers: a prospective observational study.Belletti, Alessandro; Naorungroj, Thummaporn ; Yanase, Fumitaka ; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Weinberg, Laurence ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
1710-Nov-2020Use of Powered Air-Purifying Respirator(PAPR) as part of protective equipment against SARS-CoV-2-a narrative review and critical appraisal of evidence.Licina, Ana ; Silvers, Andrew
1810-Nov-2020Effect of liver transplantation on QT-interval prolongation and impact on mortality.Ko, Jefferson ; Koshy, Anoop N ; Han, Hui-Chen ; Weinberg, Laurence ; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Lim, Han S ; Farouque, Omar ; Teh, Andrew W 
195-Nov-2020Anaesthetists' attitudes towards attending the funerals of their patients: A cross-sectional study among Australian and New Zealand anaesthetists.Kim, Kwangtaek; Churilov, Leonid ; Tan, Chong Oon; Phan, Tuong; Geertsema, Jake; Krieser, Roni; Mehra, Rishi; Stewart, Paul Anthony; Rachbuch, Clive; Huang, Andrew ; Weinberg, Laurence 
2027-Oct-2020"Talk-Through Walk-Through"-A Simulation Approach Adapted During Preparation for COVID-19.Lee, Matthew ; Chen, Stephanie; Tosif, Shervin ; Graham, Jonathan M