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Advance Care Planning
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130-Jun-2023Advance Care Planning in Australia: Progress in research and implementation.Sinclair, Craig; Mann, Jill; Reymond, Liz; Sansome, Xanthe
2Aug-2021Advance care directive prevalence among older Australians and associations with person-level predictors and quality indicators.Buck, Kimberly ; Nolte, Linda ; Sellars, Marcus ; Sinclair, Craig; White, Ben P; Kelly, Helana; Macleod, Ashley ; Detering, Karen M 
316-Jul-2021Organisational and advance care planning program characteristics associated with advance care directive completion: a prospective multicentre cross-sectional audit among health and residential aged care services caring for older Australians.Detering, Karen M ; Sinclair, Craig; Buck, Kimberly ; Sellars, Marcus ; White, Ben P; Kelly, Helana; Nolte, Linda 
4Jul-2021Exploring advance care planning awareness, experiences, and preferences of people with cancer and support people: an Australian online cross-sectional study.Rodi, Helena ; Detering, Karen M ; Sellars, Marcus ; Macleod, Ashley ; Todd, Julia G ; Fullerton, Sonia; Waller, Amy; Nolte, Linda 
5Jun-2021Systematic review and content analysis of Australian health care substitute decision making online resources.Tran, Julien; Sellars, Marcus ; Nolte, Linda ; White, Ben P; Sinclair, Craig; Fetherstonhaugh, Deirdre; Detering, Karen M 
615-Mar-2021Public knowledge, preferences and experiences about medical substitute decision-making: a national cross-sectional survey.Sellars, Marcus ; Tran, Julien; Nolte, Linda ; White, Ben; Sinclair, Craig; Fetherstonhaugh, Deirdre; Detering, Karen M 
73-Mar-2021Advance care planning participation by people with dementia: a cross-sectional survey and medical record audit.Bryant, Jamie; Sellars, Marcus ; Waller, Amy; Detering, Karen M ; Sinclair, Craig; Ruseckaite, Rasa; White, Ben; Nolte, Linda 
8Mar-2021Prevalence of advance care planning documentation and self-reported uptake in older Australians with a cancer diagnosis.Detering, Karen M ; Sellars, Marcus ; Kelly, Helana; Clayton, Josephine M; Buck, Kim; Nolte, Linda 
94-Jan-2021Inadequate completion of advance care directives by individuals with dementia: national audit of health and aged care facilities.Bryant, Jamie; Sellars, Marcus ; Sinclair, Craig; Detering, Karen M ; Buck, Kimberly ; Waller, Amy; White, Ben; Nolte, Linda 
101-Jan-2021Association between region of birth and advance care planning documentation among older Australian migrant communities: A multi-center audit study.Sinclair, Craig; Sellars, Marcus ; Buck, Kimberly ; Detering, Karen M ; White, Ben P; Nolte, Linda 
1121-Sep-2020Identifying barriers and facilitators to implementing advance care planning in prisons: a rapid literature review.Macleod, Ashley ; Nair, Divya; Ilbahar, Ekin; Sellars, Marcus ; Nolte, Linda 
12Sep-2020Challenges in obtaining research ethics and governance approvals for an Australian national intersector, multisite audit study.Buck, Kimberly ; Nolte, Linda ; Kelly, Helana; Detering, Karen M ; Sinclair, Craig; White, Ben P; Sellars, Marcus 
13Aug-2020Advance care planning in Australia during the COVID-19 outbreak: now more important than ever.Sinclair, Craig; Nolte, Linda ; White, Ben P; Detering, Karen M 
14Jul-2020Estimating survival in advanced cancer: a comparison of estimates made by oncologists and patients.Smith-Uffen, M E S; Johnson, S B; Martin, A J; Tattersall, M H N; Stockler, M R; Bell, M L; Detering, Karen M ; Clayton, J M; Silvester, W; Clarke, S; Vaccaro, L; Beale, P; Kiely, B E
15Jun-2020Advance care planning for individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a scoping review of the literature.Meehan, Elaine; Foley, Tony; Kelly, Ms Claire; Burgess Kelleher, Art; Sweeney, Catherine; Hally, Ruth M; Detering, Karen M ; Cornally, Nicola
16Jun-2020‘This is uncharted water for all of us’: challenges anticipated by hospital clinicians when voluntary assisted dying becomes legal in VictoriaKo, Danielle ; Detering, Karen M ; Sellars, Marcus ; McDougall, Rosalind; Hayes, Barbara; Pratt, Bridget; Hutchinson, Anastasia; Tacey, Mark A ; Shadbolt, Cade
17Jun-2020Personal and interpersonal factors and their associations with advance care planning documentation: A cross-sectional survey of older adults in Australia.Sellars, Marcus ; Detering, Karen M ; Sinclair, Craig; White, Ben; Buck, Kimberly ; Ruseckaite, Rasa; Clayton, Josephine M; Nolte, Linda 
1815-May-2020Making Decisions About Long-Term Institutional Care Placement Among People With Dementia and Their Caregivers: Systematic Review of Qualitative Studies.Teng, Claris; Loy, Clement T; Sellars, Marcus ; Pond, Dimity; Latt, Mark D; Waite, Louise M; Sinka, Victoria; Logeman, Charlotte; Tong, Allison
19Dec-2019Fidelity is fundamental: intervention predictors in advance care plans in terminal cancer.Vaccaro, Lisa; Butow, Phyllis N; Lee, Deborah; Johnson, Stephanie B; Bell, Melanie; Clayton, Josephine; Detering, Karen M ; Tattersall, Martin
204-Nov-2019Advance care planning in COPD: guidance development for healthcare professionals.Meehan, Elaine; Sweeney, Catherine; Foley, Tony; Lehane, Elaine; Burgess Kelleher, Art; Hally, Ruth M; Shanagher, Deirdre; Korn, Bettina; Rabbitte, Mary; Detering, Karen M ; Cornally, Nicola