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Apr-2021Absolute risk assessment for guiding cardiovascular risk management in a chest pain clinic.Black, J Andrew; Campbell, Julie A; Parker, Serena; Sharman, James E; Nelson, Mark R; Otahal, Petr; Hamilton, Garry W ; Marwick, Thomas H
28-Jul-2017Community-Based Intervention to Improve Cardiometabolic Targets in Patients With Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Olaiya, Muideen T; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kim, Joosup; Nelson, Mark R; Srikanth, Velandai K; Gerraty, Richard P; Bladin, Christopher F; Fitzgerald, Sharyn M; Phan, Thanh; Frayne, Judith; Thrift, Amanda G
Oct-2016Impact of nurse-mediated management on achieving blood pressure goal levels in primary care: Insights from the Valsartan Intensified Primary carE Reduction of Blood Pressure StudyCarrington, Melinda J; Jennings, Garry L; Harris, Mark; Nelson, Mark R; Schlaich, Markus; Stocks, Nigel P; Burrell, Louise M ; Amerena, John; de Looze, Ferdinandus J; Swemmer, Carla H; Kurstjens, Nicol P; Stewart, Simon
4-Aug-2017Improving discharge care: the potential of a new organisational intervention to improve discharge after hospitalisation for acute stroke, a controlled before-after pilot study.Cadilhac, Dominique A; Andrew, Nadine E; Stroil Salama, Enna; Hill, Kelvin; Middleton, Sandy; Horton, Eleanor; Meade, Ian; Kuhle, Sarah; Nelson, Mark R; Grimley, Rohan
4-Jul-2017Long-term unmet needs and associated factors in stroke or TIA survivors: An observational study.Olaiya, Muideen T; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kim, Joosup; Nelson, Mark R; Srikanth, Velandai K; Andrew, Nadine E; Bladin, Christopher F; Gerraty, Richard P; Fitzgerald, Sharyn M; Phan, Thanh; Frayne, Judith; Thrift, Amanda G
Jun-2016Maximizing Patient Recruitment and Retention in a Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinical Trial: Lessons Learned from the STAND FIRM Study.Thayabaranathan, Tharshanah; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Srikanth, Velandai K; Fitzgerald, Sharyn M; Evans, Roger G; Kim, Joosup; Gerraty, Richard P; Phan, Thanh G; Bladin, Christopher F; Nelson, Mark R; Frayne, Judith H; Thrift, Amanda G
2022Optimal Measures for Primary Care Physician Encounters after Stroke and Association with Survival: A Data Linkage Study.Ung, David; Wang, Yun; Sundararajan, Vijaya; Lopez, Derrick; Kilkenny, Monique F; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Thrift, Amanda G; Nelson, Mark R; Andrew, Nadine E
2-Dec-2015Personalized medicine and stroke prevention: where are we?Kim, Joosup; Thrift, Amanda G; Nelson, Mark R; Bladin, Christopher F; Cadilhac, Dominique A
24-Mar-2015Statistical analysis plan (SAP) for Shared Team Approach between Nurses and Doctors For Improved Risk Factor Management (STANDFIRM): a randomised controlled trial.Thrift, Amanda G; Olaiya, Muideen T; Phan, Thanh G; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Nelson, Mark R; Srikanth, Velandai K
Sep-2022Understanding of medications and associations with adherence, unmet needs, and perceived control of risk factors at two years post-stroke.Dalli, Lachlan L; Andrew, Nadine E; Kim, Joosup; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Sanfilippo, Frank M; Thrift, Amanda G; Nelson, Mark R; Lannin, Natasha A; Olaiya, Muideen T; Ryan, Olivia F; Booth, Brenda; Gall, Seana; Kilkenny, Monique F