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Oct-2016Addressing the challenges of cross-jurisdictional data linkage between a national clinical quality registry and government-held health data.Andrew, Nadine E; Sundararajan, Vijaya; Thrift, Amanda G; Kilkenny, Monique F; Katzenellenbogen, Judith; Flack, Felicity; Gattellari, Melina; Boyd, James H; Anderson, Phil; Grabsch, Brenda; Lannin, Natasha A; Johnston, Trisha; Chen, Ying; Cadilhac, Dominique A
May-2022Advances in Stroke: Quality Improvement.Bravata, Dawn M; Purvis, Tara; Kilkenny, Monique F
May-2021Age-Related Disparities in the Quality of Stroke Care and Outcomes in Rehabilitation Hospitals: The Australian National Audit.Purvis, Tara; Hubbard, Isobel J; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Hill, Kelvin; Watkins, Justine; Lannin, Natasha A; Faux, Steven G; Kilkenny, Monique F
11-Aug-2021Agreement between pharmaceutical claims data and patient-reported medication use after stroke.Dalli, Lachlan L; Andrew, Nadine E; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kim, Joosup; Sanfilippo, Frank M; Kilkenny, Monique F
Mar-2022The Allure of Big Data to Improve Stroke Outcomes: Review of Current Literature.Olaiya, Muideen T; Sodhi-Berry, Nita; Dalli, Lachlan L; Bam, Kiran; Thrift, Amanda G; Katzenellenbogen, Judith M; Nedkoff, Lee; Kim, Joosup; Kilkenny, Monique F
Mar-2021Assuming one dose per day yields a similar estimate of medication adherence in patients with stroke: an exploratory analysis using linked registry data.Ung, David; Dalli, Lachlan L; Lopez, Derrick; Sanfilippo, Frank M; Kim, Joosup; Andrew, Nadine E; Thrift, Amanda G; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Anderson, Craig S; Kilkenny, Monique F
31-May-2016Better outcomes for hospitalized patients with TIA when in stroke units: An observational study.Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kim, Joosup; Lannin, Natasha A; Levi, Christopher R; Dewey, Helen M; Hill, Kelvin; Faux, Steven; Andrew, Nadine E; Kilkenny, Monique F; Grimley, Rohan; Thrift, Amanda G; Grabsch, Brenda; Middleton, Sandy; Anderson, Craig S; Donnan, Geoffrey A 
Aug-2020Changes in the prevalence of chronic disability in China: evidence from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study.Liu, N; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kilkenny, Monique F; Liang, Y
Jun-2020Chest infection within 30 days of acute stroke, associated factors, survival and the benefits of stroke unit care: Analysis using linked data from the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry.Chapman, Chantelle; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Morgan, Prue; Kilkenny, Monique F; Grimley, Rohan; Sundararajan, Vijaya; Purvis, Tara; Johnston, Trisha; Lannin, Natasha A; Andrew, Nadine E
21-Dec-2021Co-Designing a New Yoga-Based Mindfulness Intervention for Survivors of Stroke: A Formative Evaluation.Thayabaranathan, Tharshanah; Immink, Maarten A; Hillier, Susan; Stolwyk, Rene; Andrew, Nadine E; Stevens, Philip; Kilkenny, Monique F; Gee, Emma; Carey, Leeanne M ; Brodtmann, Amy ; Bernhardt, Julie; Thrift, Amanda G; Cadilhac, Dominique A
8-Feb-2019Correction to: Hospital organizational context and delivery of evidence-based stroke care: a cross-sectional study.Andrew, Nadine E; Middleton, Sandy; Grimley, Rohan; Anderson, Craig S; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Lannin, Natasha A; Stroil-Salama, Enna; Grabsch, Brenda; Kilkenny, Monique F; Squires, Janet E; Cadilhac, Dominique A
6-Jun-2022Costs of acute hospitalisation for stroke and transient ischaemic attack in Australia.Kim, Joosup; Grimley, Rohan; Kilkenny, Monique F; Cadigan, Greg; Johnston, Trisha; Andrew, Nadine E; Thrift, Amanda G; Lannin, Natasha A; Sundararajan, Vijaya; Cadilhac, Dominique A
30-Apr-2021Dementia is associated with poorer quality of care and outcomes after stroke: An Observational Study.Callisaya, Michele L; Purvis, Tara; Lawler, Katherine; Brodtmann, Amy ; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kilkenny, Monique F
2022Denial of Cerebrovascular Events in a National Clinical Quality Registry for Stroke: A Retrospective Cohort Study.Barclay, Karen M; Kilkenny, Monique F; Breen, Sibilah J; Ryan, Olivia F; Bagot, Kathleen L; Lannin, Natasha A; Thijs, Vincent N ; Cadilhac, Dominique A
May-2017Determining the potential benefits of yoga in chronic stroke care: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Thayabaranathan, Tharshanah; Andrew, Nadine E; Immink, Maarten A; Hillier, Susan; Stevens, Philip; Stolwyk, Rene; Kilkenny, Monique F; Cadilhac, Dominique A
11-Jul-2018Development of an electronic health message system to support recovery after stroke: Inspiring Virtual Enabled Resources following Vascular Events (iVERVE).Cadilhac, Dominique A; Busingye, Doreen; Li, Jonathan C; Andrew, Nadine E; Kilkenny, Monique F; Thrift, Amanda G; Thijs, Vincent; Hackett, Maree L; Kneebone, Ian; Lannin, Natasha A; Stewart, Alana; Dempsey, Ida; Cameron, Jan
Dec-2019Disparities in Antihypertensive Prescribing After Stroke: Linked Data From the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry.Dalli, Lachlan L; Kim, Joosup; Thrift, Amanda G; Andrew, Nadine E; Lannin, Natasha A; Anderson, Craig S; Grimley, Rohan; Katzenellenbogen, Judith M; Boyd, James; Lindley, Richard I; Pollack, Michael; Jude, Martin; Durairaj, Ramesh; Shah, Darshan; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kilkenny, Monique F
Jan-2016Do cognitive, language, or physical impairments affect participation in a trial of self-management programs for stroke?Cadilhac, Dominique A; Kilkenny, Monique F; Srikanth, Velandai; Lindley, Richard I; Lalor, Erin; Osborne, Richard H; Batterbsy, Malcolm
Aug-2022Enhancing primary stroke prevention: a combination approach.Bam, Kiran; Olaiya, Muideen T; Cadilhac, Dominique A; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Murphy, Lisa; Kilkenny, Monique F
15-Aug-2013Evaluation of rural stroke services: does implementation of coordinators and pathways improve care in rural hospitals?Cadilhac, Dominique A; Purvis, Tara; Kilkenny, Monique F; Longworth, Mark; Mohr, Katherine; Pollack, Michael; Levi, Christopher R