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2019-04-01The effects of adjuvant endocrine therapy on bone health in women with breast cancer.Ramchand, Sabashini K; Cheung, Yee-Ming; Yeo, Belinda; Grossmann, Mathis
2019-03-25Home parenteral nutrition provision modalities for chronic intestinal failure in adult patients: An international survey.Pironi, Loris; Steiger, Ezra; Brandt, Chrisoffer; Joly, Francisca; Wanten, Geert; Chambrier, Cecile; Aimasso, Umberto; Sasdelli, Anna Simona; Zeraschi, Sarah; Kelly, Darlene; Szczepanek, Kinga; Jukes, Amelia; Di Caro, Simona; Theilla, Miriam; Kunecki, Marek; Daniels, Joanne; Serlie, Mireille; Poullenot, Florian; Wu, Jian; Cooper, Sheldon C; Rasmussen, Henrik H; Compher, Charlene; Seguy, David; Crivelli, Adriana; Pagano, Maria C; Hughes, Sarah-Jane; Guglielmi, Francesco W; Kozjek, Nada Rotovnik; Schneider, Stéphane M; Gillanders, Lyn; Ellegard, Lars; Thibault, Ronan; Matras, Przemysław; Zmarzly, Anna; Matysiak, Konrad; Van Gossum, Andrè; Forbes, Alastair; Wyer, Nicola; Taus, Marina; Virgili, Nuria M; O'Callaghan, Margie; Chapman, Brooke; Osland, Emma; Cuerda, Cristina; Sahin, Peter; Jones, Lynn; Won Lee, Andre Dong; Masconale, Luisa; Orlandoni, Paolo; Izbéki, Ferenc; Spaggiari, Corrado; Bueno, Marta; Doitchinova-Simeonova, Maryana; Garde, Carmen; Serralde-Zúñiga, Aurora E; Olveira, Gabriel; Krznaric, Zeljko; Czako, Laszlo; Kekstas, Gintautas; Sanz-Paris, Alejandro; Jáuregui, Estrella Petrina; Murillo, Ana Zugasti; Schafer, Eszter; Arends, Jann; Suárez-Llanos, José P; Lal, Simon
2019-04-08The hospital-based evaluation of laxative prophylaxis in ICU (HELP-ICU): A pilot cluster-crossover randomized clinical trial.Hay, Tyler; Deane, Adam M; Rechnitzer, Tom; Fetterplace, Kate; Reilly, Rebecca; Ankravs, Melissa; Bailey, Michael; Fazio, Timothy; Anstey, James; D'Costa, Rohit; Presneill, Jeffrey J; MacIsaac, Christopher M; Bellomo, Rinaldo
2019-04-15Correction to: A Machine-Learning Algorithm to Optimise Automated Adverse Drug Reaction Detection from Clinical Coding.McMaster, Christopher; Liew, David F L; Keith, Claire; Aminian, Parnaz; Frauman, Albert G
2019-04-02Plasma endothelin-1 and adrenomedullin are associated with coronary artery function and cardiovascular outcomes in .Theuerle, James; Farouque, Omar; Vasanthakumar, Sheran; Patel, Sheila K; Burrell, Louise M; Clark, David J; Al-Fiadh, Ali H
2019-03-20Narrative review: Do spontaneous eye blink parameters provide a useful assessment of state drowsiness?Cori, Jennifer M; Anderson, Clare; Shekari Soleimanloo, Shamsi; Jackson, Melinda L; Howard, Mark E
2019-03-26Outcomes of central hepatectomy versus extended hepatectomy.Chan, Jenny; Bradshaw, Luke; Houli, Nezor; Weinberg, Laurence; Perini, Marcos V; Fink, Michael A; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan; Starkey, Graham M; Jones, Robert M; Wang, Bao Zhong; Christophi, Christopher; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad
2019-05Systematic review with meta-analysis: sirolimus- or everolimus-based immunosuppression following liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinomaGrigg, Sam E; Sarri, Gino L; Gow, Paul J; Yeomans, Neville D
2019-04-02Screening, Referral and Treatment of Depression by Australian Cardiologists.Hare, David L; Stewart, Andrew G O; Driscoll, Andrea; Mathews, Stephanie; Toukhsati, Samia R
2019-04-08Quality of Life and 1-Year Survival in Patients With Early Septic Shock: Long-Term Follow-Up of the Australasian Resuscitation in Sepsis Evaluation Trial.Higgins, Alisa M; Peake, Sandra L; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Cooper, D Jamie; Delaney, Anthony; Harris, Anthony H; Howe, Belinda D; Nichol, Alistair D; Webb, Steve A; Williams, Patricia J
2019-04-15Changes in Soluble Tumour Necrosis Factor Receptor type 1 levels and early renal function decline in patients with diabetes.MacIsaac, Richard J; Farag, Matthew; Obeyesekere, Varuni; Clarke, Michele V; Boston, Ray; Ward, Glenn M; Jerums, George; Ekinci, Elif I
2019-04-16A retrospective comparison of trans-rectal and trans-perineal prostate biopsies: experience of a single surgeon.Young, Rebekah; Norris, Briony; Reeves, Fairleigh; Peters, Justin
2019-03-05Trends and predictors of recurrent acute coronary syndrome hospitalizations and unplanned revascularization after index acute myocardial infarction treated with percutaneous coronary intervention.Yudi, Matias B; Clark, David J; Farouque, Omar; Andrianopoulos, Nick; Ajani, Andrew E; Brennan, Angela; Lefkovits, Jeffrey; Freeman, Melanie; Hiew, Chin; Selkrig, Laura A; O'Brien, Jessica; Dart, Anthony M; Reid, Christopher M; Duffy, Stephen J
2019-04-16Atezolizumab with or without cobimetinib versus regorafenib in previously treated metastatic colorectal cancer (IMblaze370): a multicentre, open-label, phase 3, randomised, controlled trial.Eng, Cathy; Kim, Tae Won; Bendell, Johanna; Argilés, Guillem; Tebbutt, Niall C; Di Bartolomeo, Maria; Falcone, Alfredo; Fakih, Marwan; Kozloff, Mark; Segal, Neil H; Sobrero, Alberto; Yan, Yibing; Chang, Ilsung; Uyei, Anne; Roberts, Louise; Ciardiello, Fortunato
2019-04-21Testosterone deficiency in men with Type 2 diabetes: pathophysiology and treatment.Gianatti, E J; Grossmann, Mathis
2019-03-15Strategies that improve renal medullary oxygenation during experimental cardiopulmonary bypass may mitigate postoperative acute kidney injury.Lankadeva, Yugeesh R; Cochrane, Andrew D; Marino, Bruno; Iguchi, Naoya; Hood, Sally G; Bellomo, Rinaldo; May, Clive N; Evans, Roger G
2019-04-02Functional capacity and preoperative risk evaluation.Koshy, Anoop N; Ramchand, Jay; Farouque, Omar
2019-04-19The Safety and Effectiveness of the Percutaneous Flexor Tenotomy in Healing Neuropathic Apical Toe Ulcers in the Outpatient Setting.Smith, Simon E; Miller, Julie A
2019-03Barriers to providing optimal management of psychiatric patients in the emergency department (psychiatric patient management).Dombagolla, Mahesha H K; Kant, Joyce A; Lai, Fiona W Y; Hendarto, Andreas; Taylor, David McD
2018-11Incidence and factors associated with substance abuse and patient-related violence in the emergency department: A literature review.Kleissl-Muir, Sabine; Raymond, Anita; Rahman, Muhammad Aziz
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 7592
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