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2019-10-08Confirming a beneficial effect of the six-minute walk test on exercise confidence in patients with heart failure.Toukhsati, Samia R; Mathews, S; Sheed, A; Freijah, I; Moncur, L; Cropper, P; Ha, Francis J; Hare, David L
2019-10-10Bilateral Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation for Treatment of Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea.Eastwood, Peter R; Barnes, Maree; MacKay, Stuart G; Wheatley, John R; Hillman, David R; Nguyên, Xuân-Lan; Lewis, Richard; Campbell, Matthew C; Pételle, Boris; Walsh, Jennifer H; Jones, Andrew C; Palme, Carsten E; Bizon, Alain; Meslier, Nicole; Bertolus, Chloé; Maddison, Kathleen J; Laccourreye, Laurent; Raux, Guillaume; Denoncin, Katleen; Attali, Valérie; Gagnadoux, Frédéric; Launois, Sandrine H
2019-10-09Initiation of vasopressor infusions via peripheral versus central access in patients with early septic shock: A retrospective cohort study.Delaney, Anthony; Finnis, Mark; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Udy, Andrew; Jones, Daryl A; Keijzers, Gerben; MacDonald, Stephen; Peake, Sandra
2019-10-09Risk of Arterial Injury During Hip Internal Fixation.Jaipurwala, Rizwan; Galea, Michael; Hardidge, Andrew J
2019-07Is There an Optimal Curative Option in HIV-Positive Men with Localized Prostate Cancer? A Systematic Review.Baladakis, John; Perera, Marlon; Bolton, Damien M; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Adam, Ahmed
2019-09Renal Cell Carcinoma Follow-Up - Is it Time to Abandon Ultrasound?Quinlan, Mark; Wei, Gavin; Davis, Niall; Poyet, Cedric; Perera, Marlon; Bolton, Damien M; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
2019-09-30Determining the optimal dose of tenecteplase before endovascular therapy for ischemic stroke (EXTEND-IA TNK Part 2): A multicenter, randomized, controlled study.Campbell, Bruce Cv; Mitchell, Peter J; Churilov, Leonid; Yassi, Nawaf; Kleinig, Timothy J; Yan, Bernard; Thijs, Vincent; Desmond, Patricia M; Parsons, Mark W; Donnan, Geoffrey A; Davis, Stephen M
2019-08Excellent Contemporary Graft Survival for Adult Liver Retransplantation: An Australian and New Zealand Registry Analysis From 1986 to 2017.Jeffrey, Angus W; Delriviere, Luc; McCaughan, Geoff; Crawford, Michael; Angus, Peter W; Jones, Robert M; Macdonald, Graeme A; Fawcett, Jonathan; Wigg, Alan; Chen, John; Gane, Ed; Munn, Stephen; Jeffrey, Gary P
2019-05Prevalence of diabetes and its effects on stroke outcomes: A meta-analysis and literature review.Lau, Lik-Hui; Lew, Jeremy; Borschmann, Karen; Thijs, Vincent N; Ekinci, Elif I
2019-09-27Inhibition of Upf2-Dependent Nonsense-Mediated Decay Leads to Behavioral and Neurophysiological Abnormalities by Activating the Immune Response.Johnson, Jennifer L; Stoica, Loredana; Liu, Yuwei; Zhu, Ping Jun; Bhattacharya, Abhisek; Buffington, Shelly; Huq, Redwan; Eissa, N Tony; Larsson, Ola; Porse, Bo T; Domingo, Deepti; Nawaz, Urwah; Carroll, Renee; Jolly, Lachlan; Scerri, Tom S; Kim, Hyung-Goo; Brignell, Amanda; Coleman, Matthew J; Braden, Ruth; Kini, Usha; Jackson, Victoria; Baxter, Anne; Bahlo, Melanie; Scheffer, Ingrid E; Amor, David J; Hildebrand, Michael S; Bonnen, Penelope E; Beeton, Christine; Gecz, Jozef; Morgan, Angela T; Costa-Mattioli, Mauro
2018-09Partnering with consumers in the public reporting of quality of care: review of the Victorian quality of care reports.Zaga, Charissa J; Leggat, Sandra; Hill, Sophie
2019-09-22The evolving role of intensive care within health care and society.Warrillow, Stephen J; Raper, Raymond
2019-07Oxygen therapy in COPD and interstitial lung disease: navigating the knowns and unknowns.Khor, Yet H; Renzoni, Elisabetta A; Visca, Dina; McDonald, Christine F; Goh, Nicole S L
2019Intra-operative cell salvage in urological surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis of comparative studies.Kinnear, Ned J; O'Callaghan, Michael; Hennessey, Derek; Liddell, Heath; Newell, Bradley; Bolt, John; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
2019-08Improving our understanding of breast cancer tumorigenesis across ethnicities.McKay, Michael J; Southey, Melissa
2019-09-23Early enrichment of ESR1 mutations and the impact on gene expression in pre-surgical primary breast cancer treated with aromatase inhibitors.Leal, Mariana F; Haynes, Benjamin P; Schuster, Eugene F; Yeo, Belinda; Afentakis, Maria; Zabaglo, Lila; Martins, Vera; Buus, Richard; Dodson, Andrew; Cheang, Maggie C U; Smith, Ian E; Martin, Lesley-Ann; Dowsett, Mitch
2019-09-27Systematic review: bacterial colonisation of conduits and neobladders-when to test, watch, and treat.Qu, Liang G; Adam, Ahmed; Ranasinghe, Weranja K B; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
2019-09-26Regular, sustained-release morphine for chronic breathlessness: a multicentre, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial.Currow, David; Louw, Sandra; McCloud, Philip; Fazekas, Belinda; Plummer, John; McDonald, Christine F; Agar, Meera; Clark, Katherine; McCaffery, Nikki; Ekström, Magnus Pär
2019-09-24Body size and dietary risk factors for aggressive prostate cancer: a case-control study.Pal, Mikaela; Hodge, Allison M; Papa, Nathan P; MacInnis, Robert J; Bassett, Julie K; Bolton, Damien M; Davis, Ian D; Millar, Jeremy; English, Dallas R; Hopper, John L; Severi, Gianluca; Southey, Melissa C; Milne, Roger L; Giles, Graham G
2019-09-23Prophylactic Postoperative Measures to Minimize Surgical Site Infections in Spine Surgery: Systematic Review and Evidence Summary.Tan, Terence; Lee, Hui; Huang, Milly S; Rutges, Joost; Marion, Travis E; Matthew, Joseph; Fitzgerald, Mark; Gonzalvo, Augusto; Hunn, Martin K; Kwon, Brian K; Dvorak, Marcel F; Tee, Jin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 8257
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