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2011-08-01Interrater reliability of the road law and road craft test as part of the OT-DORA Battery for off road driver assessment.Unsworth, Carolyn; Pallant, Julie; Russell, Kay; Odell, Morris; Coulson, Melissa
2011-12-11Early return to work and improved range of motion with modified relative motion splinting: a retrospective comparison with immobilization splinting for zones V and VI extensor tendon repairsHirth, Melissa J; Bennett, Kate; Mah, Eldon; Farrow, Hamish; Cavallo, Andrew V; Ritz, Morris; Findlay, Michael
2013-06-20Hand-based swing traction splinting for intra-articular proximal interphalangeal joint fracturesHirth, Melissa J; Jacobs, David; Sleep, Kate
2011OT-DORA: Occupational Therapy Driver Off-Road Assessment BatteryUnsworth, Carolyn; Pallant, Julie; Russell, Kay; Odell, Morris
2017-08The superficial femoral vein - time to change this misnomer.Chua, Chong Chyn; Hong, Frank S; Ho, Wai Khoon
2019-04Synchrotron microbeam radiotherapy evokes a different early tumor immunomodulatory response to conventional radiotherapy in EMT6.5 mammary tumors.Yang, Yuqing; Swierczak, Agnieszka; Ibahim, Mohammad; Paiva, Premila; Cann, Leonie; Stevenson, Andrew W; Crosbie, Jeffrey C; Anderson, Robin L; Rogers, Peter A W
2019-04-01Body parts of clinical concern in anorexia nervosa versus body dysmorphic disorder: a cross-diagnostic comparison.Toh, Wei Lin; Grace, Sally A; Rossell, Susan L; Castle, David J; Phillipou, Andrea
2019-04Agomelatine for depression: expanding the horizons?Norman, Trevor R; Olver, James S
2019-02-15Barcoding reveals complex clonal behavior in patient-derived xenografts of metastatic triple negative breast cancer.Merino, Delphine; Weber, T S; Serrano, A; Vaillant, F; Liu, K; Pal, B; Di Stefano, L; Schreuder, J; Lin, D; Chen, Y; Asselin-Labat, M L; Schumacher, T N; Cameron, D; Smyth, G K; Papenfuss, A T; Lindeman, G J; Visvader, J E; Naik, S H
2019-04-0212-month randomised controlled trial of ginseng extract for moderate COPD.Shergis, Johannah Linda; Thien, Francis; Worsnop, Christopher J; Lin, Lin; Zhang, Anthony L; Wu, Lei; Chen, Yuanbin; Xu, Yinji; Langton, David; Da Costa, Cliff; Fong, Harry; Wu, Darong; Story, David; Xue, Charlie C
2019-04-04Objective sleep outcomes 20 years after traumatic brain injury in childhood.Botchway, Edith N; Godfrey, Celia; Nicholas, Christian L; Hearps, Stephen; Anderson, Vicki; Catroppa, Cathy
2019-04-05Combined tumor sequencing and case/control analyses of RAD51C in breast cancer.Li, Na; McInerny, Simone; Zethoven, Magnus; Cheasley, Dane; Lim, Belle W X; Rowley, Simone M; Devereux, Lisa; Grewal, Norah; Ahmadloo, Somayeh; Byrne, David; Lee, Jue Er Amanda; Li, Jason; Fox, Stephen B; John, Thomas; Antill, Yoland; Gorringe, Kylie L; James, Paul A; Campbell, Ian G
2019-04-09The natural history of vascular and other complications in patients treated with nilotinib for chronic myeloid leukemia.Minson, Adrian G; Cummins, Katherine; Fox, Lucy; Costello, Ben; Yeung, David; Cleary, Rebecca; Forsyth, Cecily; Tatarczuch, Maciek; Burbury, Kate; Motorna, Olga; Shortt, Jake; Fleming, Shaun; McQuillan, Andrew; Schwarer, Anthony; Harrup, Rosemary; Holmes, Amy; Ratnasingam, Sumita; Chan, Kah-Lok; Hsu, Wei-Hsun; Ashraf, Asma; Putt, Faye; Grigg, Andrew P
2019-04-03Successful liver transplantation in common variable immune deficiency with reversal of hepatopulmonary syndrome.Apostolov, Ross; Sinclair, Marie; Lokan, Julie; Angus, Peter W
2019-04-08Faecal microbiota transplants for depression - Who gives a crapsule?Green, Jessica; Castle, David J; Berk, Michael; Hair, Christopher; Loughman, Amy; Cryan, John; Nierenberg, Andrew; Athan, Eugene; Jacka, Felice
2019-04Protecting the Continued Development of Collaborative Expert Witness Evidence in Australia: Surely We Should?Mills, Christopher D
2019-04-06International consensus definitions of video signs of concussion in professional sports.Davis, Gavin A; Makdissi, Michael; Bloomfield, Paul; Clifton, Patrick; Echemendia, Ruben J; Falvey, √Čanna Cian; Fuller, Gordon Ward; Green, Gary; Harcourt, Peter; Hill, Thomas; McGuirk, Nathan; Meeuwisse, Willem; Orchard, John; Raftery, Martin; Sills, Allen K; Solomon, Gary S; Valadka, Alex; McCrory, Paul R
2019-04-05First-in-Human Phase I Study of the Selective MET Inhibitor, Savolitinib, in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors: Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Anti-Tumor Activity.Gan, Hui K; Millward, Michael J; Hua, Ye; Qi, Chuan; Sai, Yang; Su, Weiguo; Wang, Jian; Zhang, Lilin; Frigault, Melanie M; Morgan, Shethah; Yang, Liu; Lickliter, Jason D
2019-04-08Adverse impact of malnutrition markers on major abdominopelvic cancer surgery.Sathianathen, Niranjan J; Kwaan, Mary; Lawrentschuk, Nathan L; Weight, Christopher J; Kim, Simon P; Murphy, Declan G; Moon, Daniel A; Konety, Badrinath R
2019-04-09Behavioural and cognitive outcomes following an early stress-reduction intervention for very preterm and extremely preterm infants.Milgrom, Jeannette; Martin, Paul R; Newnham, Carol; Holt, Christopher J; Anderson, Peter J; Hunt, Rod W; Reece, John; Ferretti, Carmel; Achenbach, Thomas; Gemmill, Alan W
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 7467
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