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2019The Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation: FLUid or vasopressors In Emergency Department Sepsis, a multicentre observational study (ARISE FLUIDS observational study): Rationale, methods and analysis plan.Keijzers, Gerben; Macdonald, Stephen Pj; Udy, Andrew A; Arendts, Glenn; Bailey, Michael; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Blecher, Gabriel E; Burcham, Jonathon; Delaney, Anthony; Coggins, Andrew R; Fatovich, Daniel M; Fraser, John F; Harley, Amanda; Jones, Peter; Kinnear, Fran; May, Katya; Peake, Sandra; Taylor, David McD; Williams, Julian; Williams, Patricia
2019-01-25Participation in Physical Activity During Center and Home-Based Pulmonary Rehabilitation for People With COPD: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trialLahham, Aroub; McDonald, Christine F; Mahal, Ajay; Lee, Annemarie L; Hill, Catherine J; Burge, Angela T; Cox, Narelle S; Moore, Rosemary; Nicolson, Caroline; OʼHalloran, Paul; Gillies, Rebecca; Holland, Anne E
2019-03-15Prevalence and profile of "seasonal frequent flyers" with chronic heart disease: Analysis of 1598 patients and 4588 patient-years follow-up.Loader, Jordan; Chan, Yih-Kai; Hawley, John A; Moholdt, Trine; McDonald, Christine F; Jhund, Pardeep; Petrie, Mark C; McMurray, John J; Scuffham, Paul A; Ramchand, Jay; Burrell, Louise M; Stewart, Simon
2019-01-18Changes in acute hospital costs after employing clinical facilitators to improve stroke care in Victoria, Australia.Cadilhac, Dominique A; Dewey, Helen M; Denisenko, Sonia; Bladin, Christopher F; Meretoja, Atte
2019-01-11Looking beyond lesions for causes of neuropsychological impairment in epilepsy.Rayner, Genevieve; Tailby, Chris; Jackson, Graeme D; Wilson, Sarah J
2019-01-14Dairy foods and bone health throughout the lifespan; a critical appraisal of the evidence.Iuliano, Sandra; Hill, Tom R
2018-04-24Implementation of evidence-based weekend service recommendations for allied health managers: a cluster randomised controlled trial protocol.Sarkies, Mitchell N; White, Jennifer; Morris, Meg E; Taylor, Nicholas F; Williams, Cylie; O'Brien, Lisa; Martin, Jenny; Bardoel, Anne; Holland, Anne E; Carey, Leeanne M; Skinner, Elizabeth H; Bowles, Kelly-Ann; Grant, Kellie; Philip, Kathleen; Haines, Terry P
2019-01Radiotherapy and immunotherapy: a synergistic effect in cancer care.Turgeon, Guy-Anne; Weickhardt, Andrew J; Azad, Arun A; Solomon, Benjamin; Siva, Shankar
2019-01-10Constipation, diarrhea, and prophylactic laxative bowel regimens in the critically ill: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Hay, Tyler; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Rechnitzer, Tom; See, Emily; Ali Abdelhamid, Yasmine; Deane, Adam M
2019Achievement of patients' preferences for participation in oncological symptom management and its association with perceived quality of care.Lin, Cen; Cohen, Emma; Livingston, Patricia M; Mohebbi, Mohammadreza; Botti, Mari
2018-12-07Trauma-related admissions to intensive care units in Australia: the influence of Indigenous status on outcomes.Magee, Fraser; Wilson, Anthony; Bailey, Michael J; Pilcher, David; Secombe, Paul J; Young, Paul; Bellomo, Rinaldo
2018-07Values and value in simulated participant methodology: A global perspective on contemporary practices.Nestel, Debra; McNaughton, N; Smith, C; Schlegel, C; Tierney, T
2018-12-17Malignant Hypertension Causing a Pulmonary-Renal Syndrome.Yong, Bryan; Power, David A
2018-02Trajectories of depressive and anxiety symptoms in older adults: a 6-year prospective cohort study.Holmes, Sophie E; Esterlis, Irina; Mazure, Carolyn M; Lim, Yen Ying; Ames, David; Rainey-Smith, Stephanie; Fowler, Chris; Ellis, Kathryn; Martins, Ralph N; Salvado, Olivier; Doré, Vincent; Villemagne, Victor L; Rowe, Christopher C; Laws, Simon M; Masters, Colin L; Pietrzak, Robert H; Maruff, Paul
2018-12-17Towards fast and reliable simultaneous EEG-fMRI analysis of epilepsy with automatic spike detection.Omidvarnia, Amir; Kowalczyk, Magdalena A; Pedersen, Mangor; Jackson, Graeme D
2018-10-23TROG 15.03 phase II clinical trial of Focal Ablative STereotactic Radiosurgery for Cancers of the Kidney - FASTRACK II.Siva, Shankar; Chesson, Brent; Bressel, Mathias; Pryor, David; Higgs, Braden; Reynolds, Hayley M; Hardcastle, Nicholas; Montgomery, Rebecca; Vanneste, Ben; Khoo, Vincent; Ruben, Jeremy; Lau, Eddie; Hofman, Michael S; De Abreu Lourenco, Richard; Sridharan, Swetha; Brook, Nicholas R; Martin, Jarad; Lawrentschuk, Nathan L; Kron, Tomas; Foroudi, Farshad
2019-01-23The role of rehabilitation in patients undergoing oesophagectomy for cancer and pre-malignant disease: A qualitative exploration of the views of patients, carers and healthcare providers.Bull, Jeff; Oster, Candice; Flight, Ingrid; Wilson, Carlene J; Koczwara, Bogda; Watson, David I; Bright, Tim
2019-01-16Outcome and safety of targeted liver biopsies for indeterminate lesions in patients with chronic liver disease: A single centre experience.Chen, Xiao; Kutaiba, Numan; Ngo, Brian; Goodwin, Mark D
2018Activation of Bilateral Secondary Somatosensory Cortex With Right Hand Touch Stimulation: A Meta-Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging Studies.Lamp, Gemma; Goodin, Peter; Palmer, Susan; Low, Essie; Barutchu, Ayla; Carey, Leeanne M
2018-09Factors associated with referral offer and acceptance following supportive care problem identification in a comprehensive cancer service.Skaczkowski, Gemma; Sanderson, Penelope; Shand, Melissa; Byrne, Amanda; Wilson, Carlene J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 7369
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