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Title: Expectations of outcomes in patients with colorectal cancer
Authors: Young, Alastair L;Lee, E;Absolom, K;Baxter, Helen;Christophi, Christopher;Lodge, J P A;Glaser, A G;Toogood, G J
Issue Date: Sep-2018
EDate: 2018-05-10
Citation: BJS Open 2018; 2(5): 285-292
Abstract: Background Understanding patients' expectations of their treatment is critical to ensure appropriate treatment decisions, and to explore how expectations influence coping, quality of life and well‐being. This study aimed to examine these issues related to treatment in patients with colorectal cancer. Methods A literature search from January 1946 to September 2016 was performed to identify available data regarding patients' expectations of outcomes following colorectal cancer treatment. A narrative synthesis of the evidence was planned. Results Of 4337 items initially identified, 20 articles were included in the review. In studies presenting data on overall and short‐term survival, patients considerably overestimated prognosis. Patients also had unrealistic expectations of the negative aspects of chemotherapy and stomas. There was marked discordance between patients' and clinicians' expectations regarding chemotherapy, end‐of‐life care, bowel function and psychosocial outcomes. Level of education was the most consistent factor influencing the accuracy of patients' expectations. Conclusion Patients with colorectal cancer frequently have unrealistic expectations of treatment. Marked disparities exist between patients' and clinicians' expectations of outcomes.
DOI: 10.1002/bjs5.73
ORCID: 0000-0001-6579-8584
Type: Journal Article
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