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Title: Cognitive behavior therapy for comorbid migraine and/or tension-type headache and major depressive disorder: an exploratory randomized controlled trial
Authors: Martin, Paul R;Aiello, Rachele;Gilson, Kathryn;Meadows, Graham;Milgrom, Jeannette;Reece, John
Issue Date: Oct-2015
EDate: 2015-07-21
Citation: Behaviour Research and Therapy 2015; 73: 8-18
Abstract: Numerous studies have demonstrated comorbidity between migraine and tension-type headache on the one hand, and depression on the other. Presence of depression is a negative prognostic indicator for behavioral treatment of headaches. Despite the recognised comorbidity, there is a limited research literature evaluating interventions designed for comorbid headaches and depression. Sixty six participants (49 female, 17 male) suffering from migraine and/or tension-type headache and major depressive disorder were randomly allocated to a Routine Primary Care control group or a Cognitive Behavior Therapy group that also received routine primary care. The treatment program involved 12 weekly 50-min sessions administered by clinical psychologists. Participants in the treatment group improved significantly more than participants in the control group from pre-to post-treatment on measures of headaches, depression, anxiety, and quality of life. Improvements achieved with treatment were maintained at four month follow-up. Comorbid anxiety disorders were not a predictor of response to treatment, and the only significant predictor was gender (men improved more than women). The new integrated treatment program appears promising and worthy of further investigation.
DOI: 10.1016/j.brat.2015.07.005
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Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Cognitive behavior therapy
Tension-type headache
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