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Title: Intensive Care Nurses Self-reported Practice of Intravenous Fluid Bolus Therapy
Authors: Eastwood, Glenn;Peck, Leah;Young, Helen;Paton, Emily;Glassford, Neil;Zhang, Ling;Zhu, Guijun;Tanaka, Aiko;Bellomo, Rinaldo
Issue Date: Oct-2015
Abstract: Intensive care nurses often initiate, administer and manage fluid bolus therapy (FBT), either by protocol or by liaising with medical staff. Despite the degree of responsibility assumed by nursing staff for the delivery of FBT, little is known about the nursing practice of FBT. In response, we sought to describe self-reported practice of fluid bolus therapy by intensive care nurses. Method We performed a multi-choice questionnaire of intensive care nurses located in a major tertiary referral centre conducted in July, 2014. Results 141 (64%) intensive care nurses responded. The majority of respondents identified 4% albumin as the commonest fluid bolus type and stated a fluid bolus was 250 ml; however fluid bolus volume varied from 100 ml to 1000ml. Hypotension was identified the primary physiological trigger for a fluid bolus. In the hour following a fluid bolus for hypotension almost half of respondents expected an ‘increase in mean arterial pressure of 0 to 10 mmHg’; for oliguria, >60% expected an ‘increase in urinary output of ‘0.5 to 1 ml/kg/hour’; for low CVP, 50% expected ‘an increase in CVP of 3 to 4 mmHg’; and, for tachycardia, 45% expected a ‘decrease in heart rate of 11 to 20 beats/minute’. Finally, 7-10% of respondents were ‘unsure’ about the physiological response to a fluid bolus. Conclusion Most respondents identified fluid bolus therapy to be at least 250 ml of 4% albumin given as quickly as possible; however, volumes from 100 to 1000 ml were also accepted. There was much uncertainty about the expected physiological response to fluid bolus therapy according to indication.
Conference Name: Research Week 2015
Conference Location: Heidelberg, Victoria.
Type: Conference Paper
Subjects: Fluid Therapy
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