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Title: Dissociation of blood pressure and albuminuria in normal subjects infused with angiotensin II and noradrenaline.
Authors: Cohen, N;Phillips, P A;Gilbert, Richard E;Jerums, George
Affiliation: Department of Endocrinology, Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia.
Issue Date: 1-May-1993
Citation: Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology & Physiology; 20(5): 317-9
Abstract: 1. Albuminuria is a predictor of diabetic renal disease and atherosclerosis. Changes in blood pressure (BP) may influence albuminuria. 2. The effect of acute BP elevation on albumin excretion rates (AER) using noradrenaline (NA) and angiotensin II (AII) infusions in six normal subjects was examined. 3. The average rise in BP during a 120 min infusion was 23 mmHg for AII and 16 mmHg for NA. 4. There was a marked dissociation between AER and BP levels in both AII and NA infusions. 5. Previously described correlations between BP and AER in ambulatory BP studies may be explained by other factors such as exercise and postural changes.
Internal ID Number: 8324916
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Adolescent
Angiotensin II.pharmacology
Blood Pressure.drug effects
Random Allocation
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