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Title: Radioimmunoassay for immunoreactive [des-Leu10]-angiotensin I.
Authors: Johnson, H;Kourtis, S;Waters, J;Drummer, Olaf H
Affiliation: University of Melbourne, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Unit, Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Australia.
Issue Date: 6-May-1989
Citation: Peptides; 10(3): 489-92
Abstract: A specific radioimmunoassay for the angiotensin-derived peptide [des-Leu10]-angiotensin I (AI-dL) is described. Antisera obtained from rabbits injected with immunogen prepared by coupling bovine beta-thyroglobulin to the peptide with carbodiimide were specific to this peptide and did not recognise related angiotensin peptides such as AI, AII, AIII, nor did they recognise other peptides such as bradykinin, substance P, bombesin or dynorphin(1-8). Immunoreactive AI-dL was detected for the first time in the plasma of rats and humans following purification by HPLC at concentrations of 78 and 40 pg/ml, respectively. Concentrations of AI-dL are increased following chronic administration of captopril to rats.
Internal ID Number: 2780412
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Angiotensin I.analogs & derivatives.blood.isolation & purification
Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid
Cross Reactions
Immune Sera
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