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Title: Alzheimer disease: the landscape of ageing--insights from AD imaging markers.
Authors: Villemagne, Victor L;Masters, Colin L
Affiliation: Department of Nuclear Medicine and Centre for PET, Austin Health, Melbourne, 145 Studley Road, Heidelberg, Vic 3084, Australia
The Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne, Genetics Lane, Royal Parade, Melbourne, Vic 3010, Australia
Issue Date: 4-Nov-2014
Citation: Nature Reviews. Neurology 2014; 10(12): 678-9
Abstract: The knowledge of imaging and fluid biomarkers gained from longitudinal observational studies of Alzheimer disease has recently been translated to a cross-sectional study of randomly selected, cognitively unimpaired elderly individuals. This is the first time that a two-feature biomarker classification system has been applied to a population-based cohort.
Internal ID Number: 25366111
DOI: 10.1038/nrneurol.2014.214
Type: Journal Article
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