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dc.contributor.authorStuart-Andrews, C Ren
dc.contributor.authorPeyton, Philip Jen
dc.contributor.authorWalker, T Ben
dc.contributor.authorCairncross, A Den
dc.contributor.authorRobinson, Gavin J Ben
dc.contributor.authorLithgow, Ben
dc.identifier.citationAnaesthesia and Intensive Care; 37(3): 399-406en
dc.description.abstractA practical method of breath-by-breath monitoring of metabolic gas exchange has previously been developed by GE Healthcare and can now be easily incorporated into existing anaesthetic and critical care monitoring (M-COVX). Previous research using this device has shown good accuracy and precision between the M-COVX measurements and a traditional measurement of gas uptake at the mouth and also against the reverse Fick method during cardiac surgery and critical care, but its accuracy in the paediatric situation and across a range of ventilatory settings awaits validation. We tested the M-COVX metabolic monitor in the laboratory comparing its measurement to a traditional Haldane transformation across a wide range of oxygen consumption values, from 50 ml/minute to just under 300 ml/minute, typical of those expected in anaesthetised adults and children. The M-COVX device showed acceptable accuracy with an overall mean bias of -3.3% (range -15.1 to +4.2%, P = 0.21). Excellent linearity was found, by y = 0.96x + 0.5 ml/minute, r = 0.99. The device showed acceptable robustness to ventilatory changes examined, including changes in respiratory rate, I:E ratio, FiO2 up to 75% and simulated spontaneous breathing. However any induced leak from around the simulated endotracheal tube caused a significant error in paediatric scenarios.en
dc.subject.otherAge Factorsen
dc.subject.otherChild, Preschoolen
dc.subject.otherCritical Care.methodsen
dc.subject.otherEquipment Designen
dc.subject.otherMonitoring, Intraoperative.instrumentationen
dc.subject.otherMonitoring, Physiologic.instrumentationen
dc.subject.otherOxygen Consumptionen
dc.subject.otherPulmonary Gas Exchangeen
dc.subject.otherReproducibility of Resultsen
dc.subject.otherRespiration, Artificial.methodsen
dc.subject.otherYoung Adulten
dc.titleLaboratory validation of the M-COVX metabolic module in measurement of oxygen uptake.en
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.identifier.journaltitleAnaesthesia and Intensive Careen
dc.identifier.affiliationDepartment of Anaesthesia, The Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australiaen
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