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Title: Trauma-precipitated migrainous hemiparesis.
Authors: Kennedy, M P
Affiliation: Emergency Department, Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
Issue Date: 1-Sep-1991
Citation: Annals of Emergency Medicine; 20(9): 1023-4
Abstract: Migraine is a pleomorphic condition in which neurologic manifestations may be absent or a minor or a major feature. Similarly, head injury may range from trivial to lethal with regard to neurologic morbidity. Migraine may be precipitated by a variety of stimuli, including head trauma, significant or trivial. Presented is the case of a patient with migrainous hemiparesis precipitated by minor head injury. The clinical features and laboratory and radiological findings of trauma-precipitated migraine are reviewed.
Internal ID Number: 1877769
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Adult
Craniocerebral Trauma.complications
Diagnosis, Differential
Emergency Service, Hospital
Migraine Disorders.diagnosis.etiology.therapy
Neurologic Examination
Tomography, X-Ray Computed
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