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Title: Carbon determination in human teeth by activation with He-3 ions.
Authors: Chaudhri, M A;Crawford, A C
Affiliation: Department of Medical Physics, Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
Issue Date: 12-Jul-1990
Citation: Biological Trace Element Research; 26-27(): 521-7
Abstract: A nuclear analytical method, involving activation with 3He ions, was developed to determine carbon content in human teeth with well-documented histories. The tooth samples were irradiated with 2.7-MeV3He particles at 50 nA intensity, and the activity of 14O induced through the reaction 12C(3He, n)14O, determined by counting the 2.31-MeV gammas. Different dental hard tissues were studied separately. A solid piece of silver steel, the carbon content of which was accurately determined by chemical means, was used as the standard. The carbon content in different teeth varied from 4-7%. The overall experimental accuracy was better than 4.5%.
Internal ID Number: 1704758
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Activation Analysis.methods
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