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Title/Author/Citation Type of publication
Interrater reliability of the road law and road craft test as part of the OT-DORA Battery for off road driver assessment.
Unsworth, Carolyn,Pallant, Julie,Russell, Kay et al. British Journal of Occupational Therapy 2011; 74(8): 394–398
Journal Article
Early return to work and improved range of motion with modified relative motion splinting: a retrospective comparison with immobilization splinting for zones V and VI extensor tendon repairs
Hirth, Melissa J,Bennett, Kate,Mah, Eldon et al. Hand Therapy 2011; 16(4): 86–94.
Journal Article
Hand-based swing traction splinting for intra-articular proximal interphalangeal joint fractures
Hirth, Melissa J,Jacobs, David,Sleep, Kate et al. Hand Therapy 2013; 18(2): 42–56
Journal Article
OT-DORA: Occupational Therapy Driver Off-Road Assessment Battery
. null
The superficial femoral vein - time to change this misnomer.
Chua, Chong Chyn,Hong, Frank S,Ho, Wai Khoon et al. Journal of medical imaging and radiation oncology 2017; 61(4): 500-502
Journal Article
Synchrotron microbeam radiotherapy evokes a different early tumor immunomodulatory response to conventional radiotherapy in EMT6.5 mammary tumors.
Yang, Yuqing,Swierczak, Agnieszka,Ibahim, Mohammad et al. Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology 2019; 133: 93-99
Journal Article
Body parts of clinical concern in anorexia nervosa versus body dysmorphic disorder: a cross-diagnostic comparison.
Toh, Wei Lin,Grace, Sally A,Rossell, Susan L et al. Australasian psychiatry : bulletin of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 2019; online first: 1 April
Journal Article
Agomelatine for depression: expanding the horizons?
Norman, Trevor R,Olver, James S. Expert opinion on pharmacotherapy 2019; 20(6): 647-656
Journal Article
Barcoding reveals complex clonal behavior in patient-derived xenografts of metastatic triple negative breast cancer.
Merino, Delphine,Weber, T S,Serrano, A et al. Nature communications 2019; 10(1): 766
Journal Article
12-month randomised controlled trial of ginseng extract for moderate COPD.
Shergis, Johannah Linda,Thien, Francis,Worsnop, Christopher J et al. Thorax 2019; onine first: 2 April
Journal Article