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Title/Author/Citation Type of publication
Extracting tumour prognostic factors from a diverse electronic record dataset in genito-urinary oncology.
Khor, Richard C,Nguyen, Anthony,O'Dwyer, John et al. International journal of medical informatics 2019; 121: 53-57
Journal Article
Control of Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, Acinetobacter baumannii, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Healthcare Facilities: A Systematic Review and Reanalysis of Quasi-experimental Studies.
Tomczyk, Sara,Zanichelli, Veronica,Grayson, M Lindsay et al. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America 2018; online first: 23 November
Journal Article
Clinical challenges and future therapeutic approaches for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.
Mole, Sara E,Anderson, Glenn,Band, Heather A et al. The Lancet. Neurology 2018; online first: 20 November
Journal Article
Evaluating the Use of Smart Home Technology by People With Brain Impairment: Protocol for a Single-Case Experimental Design.
Jamwal, Rebecca,Callaway, Libby,Winkler, Di et al. JMIR research protocols 2018; 7(11): e10451
Journal Article
Cross-Strand Disulfides in the Hydrogen Bonding Site of Antiparallel β-sheet (aCSDhs): Forbidden Disulfides that are Highly Strained, Easily Broken.
Haworth, Naomi L,Wouters, Michael J,Hunter, Morgan O et al. Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society 2018; online first: 1 November
Journal Article
Paracetamol metabolite concentrations following low risk overdose treated with an abbreviated 12-h versus 20-h acetylcysteine infusion.
Wong, Anselm,Homer, Natalie,Dear, James W et al. Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.) 2018: online first: 19 November
Journal Article
Post-Hospitalization Short-Term Oxygen Therapy: Use of a Clinical Management Pathway and Long-Term Follow-Up.
Khor, Yet H,Wong, Raymond,McDonald, Christine F et al. Respiratory care 2018; online first: 6 November
Journal Article
Four weeks of exercise early in life reprograms adult skeletal muscle insulin resistance caused by paternal high fat diet.
Falcão-Tebas, Filippe,Kuang, Jujiao,Arceri, Chelsea et al. The Journal of physiology 2018; online first: 8 November
Journal Article
An international perspective on hospitalized patients with viral community-acquired pneumonia.
Radovanovic, Dejan,Sotgiu, Giovanni,Jankovic, Mateja et al. European journal of internal medicine 2018; online first: 3 November
Journal Article
Restricted fluid resuscitation in suspected sepsis associated hypotension (REFRESH): a pilot randomised controlled trial.
Macdonald, Stephen P J,Keijzers, Gerben,Taylor, David McD et al. Intensive care medicine 2018; online first: 31 October
Journal Article